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Emergency repairs can be made to your vehicle/vessel/aircraft while you are travelling outside the country to ensure your safe return to Canada
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Look to the Huntington’s Disease community for the repercussions, good and bad, of “knowing” — and that’s just one mutant gene, albeit a devastating one
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A disproportionate number of AIDS deaths occur in Sub-Saharan Africa, retarding economic growth and exacerbating the burden of poverty
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They want the opposite of authoritarianism, but they don’t understand that they are being duped on the economic issues.
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This is why it’s better for people with a lot of congestion- it pushes the mucous out more.
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While per capita consumption of generic drugs is three times higher than average per capita consumption in the world, biological medicines and drugs for special diseases suffers from limited access
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64% had an increase in the sexual desire and 40% reported an improved sexual endurance “The dogma
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