Safe and aesthetic solution for the house

Des: Understanding and knowing how to choose the right tiles will ensure the safety and aesthetics of the house.

Besides the attention to aesthetics and product quality, the factor that is always on top is the quality of materials. Today, when the surface materials of ceramic tiles become more and more abundant, consumers increasingly appreciate the functions of each type of tile: safety, cleanability, application of production technology… Choosing good quality materials suitable for each area will ensure that the house is always the safest and most solid. Especially for families with the elderly and children, dangerous accidents such as slips can happen at any time, so homeowners need to be even more careful in choosing tiling materials.

Understanding this, with enthusiasm and creativity, Takao’s staff has launched ceramic tiles with a variety of surface effects, ensuring aesthetics and safety for your house. In the following article, we will introduce you to information about some types of ceramic tiles in the most complete and detailed way.

  1. Glossy glazed ceramic tiles

Glossy ceramic tile is a very popular type of ceramic tile in the Vietnamese market today. This is a type of tile that is covered with a layer of glaze with a glossy effect on the surface to increase the splendor and shimmer of the space. This type of brick often has many sizes and patterns, so it can be suitable for many types of works from popular to high-class, with many architectural styles such as classical, neoclassical or modern.

With the elegance and nobility that glossy surface tiles bring, they are applied by most areas of the house, helping to enhance the aesthetics of the space.


Gạch men bóng

Gạch men bóng

Glossy glazed ceramic tiles

  1. Matt glazed surface tiles

Matt ceramic tile surface with many levels of roughness, has very good anti-slip, anti-scratch ability. Besides, all Takao’s brick product lines have very low water absorption, less than 0.1%, so they have high waterproof, moldy and color fastness.

With outstanding features, Matt ceramic tiles can be applied to both interior and exterior spaces such as kitchen, bathroom, garden or lobby. Matt surface tiles are especially suitable for modern, Rustic or Minimalism building designs, because of their simplicity but equally luxurious.

Gạch men matt

Gạch men matt

  1. Sugar glazed surface tiles

Sugar effect ceramic tiles simulate tiny “sugar particles” that are spread evenly on the surface. When you touch the brick, you will feel the most clear and true of these microscopic particles. With modern production technology and a special glaze made from microscopic glass beads and solvents, covered the surface of the tile. After that, the bricks will be fired at a high temperature of over 1000 degrees Celsius to help create a stable and solid structure for the product.

Thanks to the contrast of materials, all textures on the surface are shown clearly and sharp, combined with effective anti-slip, high wear resistance, easy to clean that surface tiles. Sugar can be applied in almost all places in the house, from living room to bathroom, garden…

Takao Company has now applied Sugar surface to most of its product lines, in order to provide safe and friendly solutions to customers.

gạch ốp lát hiệu ứng Sugar

  1. Carving Gold glazed surface tiles

In order to help enhance the customer experience with quality and breakthrough products, Takao has developed and launched Craving gold ceramic tiles. This is a type of ceramic tile with an industrial gold-plated crack effect on the face. This effect not only increases the realism in aesthetic design, but also creates a different and unique feature for materials in particular and space design in general. In particular, the “golden sculpture” effect helps to increase the luxury, showing the class of the owner, different from the usual Carving effect tiles on the market today.

Gạch carving gold

Gạch carving gold

Gạch carving gold

Carving Gold glazed ceramic tiles

  1. Garden ceramic tiles

Specially researched and designed for the garden area, Takao’s garden tiles are manufactured with all kinds of surfaces such as matt, sugar, helping to ensure safety, aesthetics and good cleanability. . In particular, we have developed and launched a line of 13mm thick garden bricks, super bearing, maximizing protection for users.

Gạch sv13mm

Gạch sv13mm

Takao’s garden ceramic tiles have up to 13mm thickness

Gạch sv sugar Gạch sv sugar

Sugar surface garden tiles – Safety for the users

Gạch sv sugar Gạch sv matt

Garden tiles have a rough surface on many different levels, helping to ensure the safety of members and all areas of your house.

As can be seen, each type of tile has its own characteristics and features, suitable for each different space of the house. With the mission and desire to bring the best and best quality products to customers, Takao always strives to create and develop. We believe that we deserve to be the place where each customer puts their trust.

Takao is very pleased to serve you!