About Us

TAKAO Company was established on January 19, 2017, headquartered in Tam Nong, Phu Tho. Is a unit specializing in manufacturing construction materials such as glazed tiles, Ceramic and Porcelain bricks.

With the principle of QUALITY – PRESTIGE – MIND – HUMANITY, all leaders and employees of the company always strive to bring to the market the best quality products and keep the word “Prestige” with customers. The word “MIND” means to be conscientious with work and communication with partners and employees with goodwill and humane spirit.

With unremitting efforts, Takao always aims to become the leading manufacturer of glazed tiles and Granite products in Vietnam and bring the position of our country’s building materials industry further in the region.




With our youth and enthusiasm for the profession, we make every effort to build Takao to become a leading brand in the production of glazed tile and Granite tiles in the country as well as in the region; improve product quality, create living space for customers.


Born from the word "MIND", Takao carries with us the mission of creating high-class products, bringing lasting value to customers. Under the control and approval of the Institute of Building Materials, each product put on the market is guaranteed quality.


At Takao, we always maintain for all employees the four words: "QUALITY - PRESTIGE - MIND - HUMANITY". As the flow in the blood nourishes life, our products are manufactured using the most modern technology with strict standards and testing, so that each construction project is "PROUD of TAKAO". We always take product quality as the foundation of development and competition. And keep the word "PRESTIGE" in all commitments; put "Mind" on the top, as a guideline for all vital decisions of the business. Besides, Takao understands that nothing can replace human intelligence. Human resources in any position are essential factors contributing to the development of the business. Therefore, we always strive to create a healthy, fair and disciplined working environment, creating opportunities for employees to develop.


Always aiming for the customer-centric approach, we try our best to share difficulties and develop together with all business partners.
Besides ensuring product quality, customer trust, taking care of employees' lives;
Takao also brings the best values ​​to the community and the environment, by fundraising activities, by strict management in production and waste standards, and by economical use of natural resources to create "Clean" products.


Tran Ngoc Hung
Ta Hung Sinh
Chief Executive Officer
Vu Hong Duy
Vice Director
Phung Thanh Xuan
Vice Director
Le Dinh Thang
Vice Director
Tran Ngoc Hai
Vice Director