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But there are also cases of marriages involving young boys, like the one that took place a few weeks ago between 11-year-old Muhammad Al-Rashidi and his 10-year-old cousin, out of family interests.

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But I also see as many or more of the ultra rich folks in town who own multi-million dollar homes with lots of horses being just as mean, just as wannabe as those of more modest means

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Speaking at his first news conference since taking the helm in June, Takahiro Hachigo said on Monday

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Merely landing the question on ballots would be a strategic win for Democrats

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Adam, a small and quirky-looking hatchback that is aimed at BMW's Mini Cooper and has been a hit for

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Will leaving the salt water on him make him itchy? Is it okay that I put his cream on him? He has some eczema, but it is well controlled right now

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The US treasury says its office of foreign asset control is seeking to reassure banks that they will not be penalised for financing humanitarian sales.

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