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”One inmate got a broken shoulder, another inmate broke his nose and another injured his eyes because prison officers hit and broke the glasses he was wearing,” he alleged

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rice and mushroom sauce; venison steak with pepper sauce accompanied by caramelized shallots and mashed

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“as a social and political movement for the amelioration of human conditions, in particular those of the working class.”

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I have of "thousands of thousands" of these entries in the log, which is not a good thing, becaue for SPAM abuse reasons, I'd like to keep logs for a long time)

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Please note that this is a traditional style folk festival with audience members of all ages

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kmi umaasa kasi di nmn kami mkakakita sa t.v sobrang sakit talaga na hindi ito nakikita ng abscbn...saan

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medications or gels and have suffered a stroke, pulmonary embolism (blood clot in your lungs), DVT (deep

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